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Every transaction has the
to transform

Discover a new way of payment that is high on social impact
and gets you to save too
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Power to control the percentage for CashBack & GiveBack

The SocioPay experience is built
around you. It is intuitive and
personalized - you get to decide where
your charity goes and what percentage
you wish to donate

Choose from Services

The SocioPay ecosystem is diverse and
vibrant. Choose from a wide range of
services and vendors that address all
your  shopping needs

Make the Transaction

Yes, it is that easy to make a difference
Every time you pay, you create real

Scan a payment

Payments are easy and completely
contactless; all you need to do to scan
the QR code
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Making a difference has never been so easy.
We use the latest digital technology and our deep domain
expertise in philanthropy to design a product that thrives on
simplicity to deliver game- changing results.

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A safer means of payment

Cutting-edge security protocols and a
robust technology backbone ensure
complete end-to-end security for all
your payments
Sociopay Sociopay

All your transactions
in one place

A smart and intuitive design that makes
using the App an absolute pleasure. Unique
feature-rich functionality ensures a
smooth experience every time
Control Control

You can invite and inform
friends about deals and coupons

Create a community that is driven by
the need to accentuate a change
towards equal opportunities and
inclusivity for all

For merchants this is your moment
to become the movement

When you sign up and become a part of the SocioPay ecosystem,
every time a customer transacts at your outlet, a contribution is
made for social good.